Fragments of glass can be found all over the city of Detroit in a variety of sizes, colors, and glass types making it even harder to recapture the material into a sustainable lifecycle for future use. To tackle this issue, glass techniques were experimented with in order to create a new life for the fragments of glass. A combination of glass fusing and devitrification is used to develop tiles with unique color combinations and a stone-like aesthetic, reminiscent of the grounds they were collected from.
Fragment is a proposal to mend glass pieces back into our lives as a long-lasting product with a lower environmental impact than newly made glass or other alternatives.
A final display limited to a 3' x 3' x 3' framework was built to present final outcomes as well as all explorations and processes that were trialed along the way.
The sample above shows the visible and physical textures available in Fragment as well as the possibility of color mixing in the white section. The white section on the left shows a blue shift because of the smaller particles of blue glass that were added.

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